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Help enterprises to extract value from an ocean of different data sources


Make micro-area data a commodity available to the widest audience of entrepreneurs

Scipio Massimo Maggi -Founder


Cooperation, study, accessibility, integrity


The font represents the automation of data processing; the turning elements represent the flow of people in a place and the circulation of data, together with the dynamic relationship between players in the market.

Dark blue is the color of the sea depths and infinite space, it represents principles of knowledge, power, integrity and stability, which our company aims to pursue.

The name «Pythagor» recalls that of the philosopher Pythagoras and, in turn, is a results of the roots «pyth» and «agoras».


In Greek mythology, Python (Πύθων) was the snake, living at the center of the Earth, believed by the ancients to be at Delphi: it symbolizes wisdom, knowledge and renovation.

Agoras (ἀγορά) was the square, a place where history, culture and architecture meets, people trade, exchange ideas, develop materially and spiritually.


PHYTAGOR wants to provide retail and tourism businesses with immediately understandable, simple or detailed, information that will help them understand the potential and trends of the local market concerned.

Starting from the simple typing of an address, the user will be able to deepen the search and thus evaluate the potential of a city area in relation to its own business and that of competitors, for example by knowing the number of residents or other existing commercial establishments.

The same information will also be valuable for all operators and public administrations that deal with retail and tourism businesses.

We are currently testing our solution with a particular focus on the food & beverage sector, as well as on hotels and bed & breakfasts.

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