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Help enterprises to extract value from an ocean of different data sources


Make micro-area data a commodity available to the widest audience of entrepreneurs

Scipione Massimo Maggi - Founder


Cooperation, study, accessibility, integrity


The font represents the automation of data processing; the turning elements represent the flow of people in a place and the circulation of data, together with the dynamic relationship between players in the market.

Dark blue is the color of the sea depths and infinite space, it represents principles of knowledge, power, integrity and stability, which our company aims to pursue.

The name «Pythagor» recalls that of the philosopher Pythagoras and, in turn, is a results of the roots «pyth» and «agoras».


In Greek mythology, Python (Πύθων) was the snake, living at the center of the Earth, believed by the ancients to be at Delphi: it symbolises wisdom, knowledge and renovation.


Agoras (ἀγορά) was the square, a place where history, culture and architecture meets, people trade, exchange ideas, develop materially and spiritually.


PHYTAGOR is able to provide the decision-maker 360 ° evaluation of a company seeking a loan or a guarantee, analyzing in real time all data related to other restaurants and potential customers in the area and to allow future businesses to forecast cash flow.
In this way, Pythagor is not limited to only evaluating the borrower, but also its competitors and customers.
This deeper analysis, based on real live data, makes it possible for business projects to understand their repayment capacity, thus delivering added value for banking and financial institutions in credit assessment.

In another respect, the new Corporate Crisis and Insolvency Code (which will come into force in 2020) expressly requires individual entrepreneurs to adopt "appropriate measures to promptly detect a state of crisis". In particular, the so-called "crisis indicators" include indexes that provide evidence of sustainability of debt for at least six months and the prospect for business continuity in the current year..

And with reference to the catering sector, we believe the use and spread of the Pythagor algorithm will contribute to providing a vital instrument for the evaluation indices of future company cash flows.

The Italian experience may also be used to combine the analysis of historical and / or official data (for example, the deposited financial statements) with newly-conceived qualitative elements, "sensitive" to the specific business reality.

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