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PYTHAGOR is a FinTech / PropTech algorithm which supports the analysis of current and prospective local markets enabling to calculate and deepen the characteristics of customers present in a city area.

Pythagor stems from the desire to revolutionize the creditworthiness assessment methods for SMEs operating in the catering sector by allowing access to credit for all deserving small and medium-sized businesses that could be excluded if only traditional credit assessments were followed.

Pythagor lends itself to a multiplicity of uses by stakeholders involved in the set-up, management and evaluation of companies in the catering sector: entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs, investors in companies and restaurant chains, bank credit managers and other lenders, risk managers of private equity and real estate funds.


One of the main success factors of a sales point is the location (= potential customers = turnover): current methods of calculating potential customers in an area require resources in terms of time and money and are affordable from sales chains and not from small and medium-sized companies.


Our platform helps companies understand the best location in an urban area, taking into account the target customers and the potential basin, allows them to compare themselves with the reference category and validate the business plan, improving access to credit, allowing banks to monitor the financed company against expectations.

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Theorem Software

THEOREM is our main geomarketing product. Designed for retail food companies, THEOREM is the perfect tool for analyzing and enhancing the number of potential customers of a store, before the start of the activity and during the activity. 

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